Agriculture engineering has wide scope in agriculture. India is vast country covering about 329 million ha land about 166 mh cultivated land so agriculture engineering makes key role in development of indian agriculture.

Agriculture engineering. Department consist different courses that all courses is conducted in this college with qualified faculty. Agriculture engineering is evident in field of soil management machinery management planting machine processing equipment etc.

The scope of agriculture engineering is both wide and varied covering such diversified field as a farm missionary and power. agriculture processing soil and water conservation along with farm irrigation renewable energy and it’s application etc

‌Soil water conservation engineering –

Soil and water conservation is nothing but the conservation of soil and water energy in this course we learn different types of erosion and and its control. We learn different structures like contour bund graded bund terracing with practical knowledge.We learn different water harvesting techniques like long term water harvesting short water harvesting farm pond embankment reservoir etc. This subject help to improve health of soil and water,in this course we learn different survey technique which help measure farming land elevation.

‌Protected cultivation and secondary agriculture –

After that advent of green revolution more Imphasis is laid on quality of product along with quantity of production to meet evergreen growing food requirements those demand can be met when the environment for the plant growth is suitable controlled. The need to protect crop against on unfavourable environmental condition let to development of protected agriculture

In this course we learn different greenhouse structure design material etc. secondary agriculture processing maybe define as activity which perform to maintain or improve quality or change the form or Characteristics of agriculture product processing operation are undertaker to add value to agriculture material after their production.

‌Farm power and machinery –

In this course we learn benefits of Mechanisation with have attracted attention of farmers timely field operation. Higher field efficiency higher productivity.the introduction of use of tractors electricity plant protection equipment irrigation pump thresher.

Renewable energy and green technology –

Renewable power is booming, as innovation brings down costs and starts to deliver on the promise of a clean energy future. The potential of renewable energy technologies is greatest at the household level. The use of RETs for agricultural production means that farmers can undertake more value-added activities (grinding, milling, drying, storage) and are able to access to water through the use of solar pumps for irrigation and clean drinking water.