Soil is the basic natural resource, which supports life in all forms.  Development, Conservation and management of the soil resources which are posing serious problems of degradation in several forms such as erosion, pollution, Salinization etc.  There by limiting the land area and therefore needs an immediate attention for sustainable agriculture production to need food, fibre, fuel  & fodder demand of ever increasing population.

Our country experiential the green revolution through seed fertilizer and water management.  However the production has reached plated and either boost in yield is not observed. Hence, the only way to increase the food production is only there appropriate soil management.

However, no due attention was paid to soil and its management.  This is because of knowledge and understanding of soil is either limited or not being exploited for practical application.  No development play can be successful endless it is based on reliable knowledge on type of ecology of soil.  It is therefore necessary to introduce soils to the students of agriculture & general reader to make them understand the soil & its fundamentals.

So, the department of SSAC provides knowledge about physical chemical & biological parameters of soil, fertility of soil, problematic soil and their reclaination. The courses under this dept. covered massive information of illustrations on all aspect of soil science.