Livestock farming is an integral part of crop farming and contributes substantially to household nutritional security and poverty alleviation through increased household income. The returns from livestock especially dairying and mixed farming in small and medium holdings are larger and highly sustainable. The progress in this sector results in more balanced development of the rural economy and improvement in economic status of poor people associated with livestock.

Indian agriculture is an economic symbiosis of crop and livestock production with cattle as the foundation. Dairy animals produce milk by converting the crop residues and by products from crops which otherwise would be wasted. Dairy sector contributes by way of cash income, draught power and manure. Livestock provides for human needs by way of food, fibre, fuel, fertilizer, skin and traction. It is a living bank providing flexible finance in time of emmergency and also serves as insurance against crop failure for survival. If Agriculture is the foundation of our national economy. Animal husbandry constitutes the sheet anchor of agriculture. First step that bridges livestock and agriculture is the efficient utilization of agriculture/horticulture waste to feed animals and convert to high quality meat, milk, wool, egg.

The section of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science is one of the section of Agricultural science, which deals with the practices followed in livestock farming. Animal Husbandry is the branch of Science deals with the practices of breeding, farming and care of farm animals such as cattle, goat, sheep, horses and poultry by humans for advantages. The Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science section in college is basically discipline which includes livestock management; livestock breeding and nutrition; milk and milk products and sheep, goat and poultry.

Departmental activities conduction of field practicals of various courses as per syllabus. We guide the farmers about poultry production and backyard poultry farming. Providing local variety poultry birds as per their requirements. Local breed of goat is sold by the college for rearing and meat purpose also. Selling of goat manure and poultry manures. Preparation and selling of Jivamrut and ghan-jivamrut, conventions of farmers meets, seminars and exhibitions for exchange of scientific information.