Department of Agricultural Entomology

Agricultural entomology is branch of science dealing with zoology & consists of a systematic study & classification of agricultural insects & pests into their respective position for easy identification & adoption of control measures.

A millions of insects are present on the earth but all are not pests. So we want to identify the insect pests and it is possible because of entomology .

The study of biology of insect pests gives quarantine entry of pests within & between the countries.

Identification of harmful and beneficial insects along with study of beneficial insects for commercial production is planned under this department.

We emphasize to provide knowhow to farmers and students regarding Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Tactics.

Therefore, we give expertise to students in all aspects of entomology and nematology in relation to agriculture as science, art, and business.


  • To impart and maintain quality in education, research and extension activities in the field of Agricultural Entomology
  • To equip the students to conduct practical experiments in the field of Agricultural Entomology
  • To provide diagnostic services to pest problems
  • To develop technologies in pest management and to disseminate the technologies to the farmers


  • To brace teaching, research and extension in the field of Agricultural Entomology

Facilities available at Department

  • Insect repository and insect identification services
  • Agro clinic for the diagnosis of pest problems and their management
  • Laboratory for the rearing of biocontrol agents
  • Collection of plant protection equipment
  • Photo/ video documentation of insects
  • Well equipped Class rooms and practical laboratory
  • Qualified faculties

Laboratory facilities

Insect & vertebrates repository & museum

Insect & vertebrates repository & museum

Facilities for microscopic studies

Pest managements implement store